We take the security of your idea very seriously and dedicate considerable time and resources to ensuring the site does not become vulnerable. The following describes our approach.

Whole site 256 bit encryption

Communication between you and any collaborators is conducted in a closed, secure and encrypted environment within the tool and logged. We believe it's a more secure option than email or post. All data passed over the internet is 256 bit encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

Incapsula - Web application firewall

All traffic into and out of the server is passed through Incapsula's Web Application Firewall (WAP). This active threat mitigation tool is used by thousands of websites including financial institutions, government agencies, ecommerce applications and trading platforms providing PCI compliance

Penetration testing

To ensure the website Security is maintained at the highest level we use external companies to both automatically and manually test the site for and potential vulnerabilities test the site on a daily basis for new vulnerabilities.

Beyond security

The most comprehensive website security testing service available (WSSA) regularly scans the site and had awarded the highset possible 100/100 A+ rating.