Selling your idea

When you have reached a point where you need to get you idea 'out there' innvolve becomes a powerful tool to reach and persuade the right people.

You can open your folio to our registered investors, buyers and licensees. Alternatively, if you have the protection you need and would prefer to go straight to the public you can use your folio to automatically generate a promotional website.

Any experts contributions you have used along the way can, if you wish, be included with references to the experts credentials. This gives a high degree of credibility to the views and opinions expressed, and is invaluable to would-be investors who may be unfamiliar with the field of your invention.

You can open all or part of your folio and specify the kind of opportunity you are looking for. You can track what people look at and communicate with them through the integrated messaging system.

You can use the site to generate invitations to anyone you wish and specify whether the invitee must agree to a non-disclosure contract before accessing your folio.

In short you have a free promotional site for your idea and a ready-made and motivated audience.