Developing your idea

The process you follow and the people you work with are critical in the successful development of your idea. Get it wrong and you may waste a lot of time and money.

The right process

When you sign up to Innvolve, a secure online folio will be created for you which you own and only you can access. It is created with all the elements you will need to describe, evaluate, develop, and ultimately capitalise on your idea. Each element has supporting advice and information to help make the right decisions.

You can use the default structure we created, adapt it, or create your own. You can add, edit and upload pages, documents and images. Every update is recorded and can be compared and 'wound back' any time.

The right people

Whether it's a patent search or a prototype you need, there are great people out there who can help. The trouble is, how do you find them? The internet is a great tool for finding people but the good and the bad can often look pretty much the same.

When you need to bring in an expert you can use your own or choose one from our database of trusted experts, used and recommended by other inventors. You give the experts access to the parts of your folio you wish them to see so they can understand and help you validate, protect, patent, develop and sell your idea. To access your folio you can require them to agree to legally binding non-disclosure contracts automatically generated by the site. Their input is normally made directly into your folio.

Important: We list service providers but are independent, have no affiliations and have no advertising.