About us

Why are you doing this?

  • To empower and assist individuals with great inventions but limited know-how and/or resources to protect, develop and bring their ideas to life.
  • To reduce wasted time, money and effort spent on inappropriate, irrelevant and unsuccessful invention and concept development.

Is it commercial?

Yes. To use the site is free for both inventors and service providers. To remain independent we do not offer any services on the site or accept any advertising. Income for the site comes from three areas:

  • Those users who choose to take advantage of the additional functionalities the tool offers.
  • Investors who make investments through the site pay a fixed fee.
  • Premium services for investors looking to invest in intellectual property.

Who are you?

Tom Marshall-Andrews, the founder of INNVOLVE, is an avid inventor and product enthusiast. He holds under-graduate and post-graduate degrees Product Design, Engineering and Virtual prototyping from Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art. He also runs a software development company based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom that supplies online solutions some of the largest global companies in the insurance field.

Having gone through the complex, lonely and often eye-wateringly expensive process of patenting and developing his own ideas he decided there had to be a better way.

INNVOLVE was conceived by Tom in 2011. The concept was simple, an online tool that allows novice inventors to securely record, develop and ultimately commercialise their ideas. Central to the idea was the premise that the inventor maintained complete ownership of the idea and control over who sees what and with what legal protection. Also key was the idea that inventors shared their experience of service providers to help weed out the bad apples and promote the good.

Tom spent much of the next 2 years talking to inventors, service providers and presenting at inventors clubs and societies to help refine and develop the idea. The code was then developed in-house and the tool launched in October 2013. It remains true to the initial idea but with a great deal more.

Your Security

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